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4 Secrets to Healthy Eating

-On the Go


Just because you're on the go, it's no excuse to give up
 healthy eating.
  Actually, healthy eating is much more
important than concentrating on meeting a flight schedule or
keeping an appointment.

Eating a good healthy diet will give your energy a boost and
help you cope with stress much easier. Of course, thinking
about eating properly when you're on the run is admittedly
very difficult.


The following "secrets' will definitely

1. Eating at Restaurants

When the menus are tempting, the portions are big and the
atmosphere is great healthy eating takes a back seat. And
the bonus for eating poorly is a lot of extra weight which
makes being on the go, go slow. SECRET: When the food
arrives DON'T EAT! Put 1/2 in a doggy bag and take it home.
 Or if eating with someone: Split the dish!

2. Eating at Airports

The stress at airports can cause you to dump the healthy
eating diet. SECRET:  Eat right, eat light. Order a big
salad and a cup, not a bowl, of veggie soup. BETTER SECRET:
DON'T EAT unless you are really hungry. Learn to tell
hunger pangs from stress signals.

3. Eating in Your Car?

Yes, I know I have done it too. Even with one hand on the
wheel and one hand on a sandwich or a taco or a ....
SECRET:  Same as #2 above: DON'T. Well, O.K. if you are
starving then keep some healthy snacks on board. Repeat
HEALTHY snacks.

4. On the run at Home? What?

 Yes, getting out the door on time sacrifices breakfast
every morning. Never leave home without having something to
eat. NEVER. Eat at least some healthy cereal prefefably hot
oatmeal with soy milk. Maybe a banana. O.K. take the apple
with you but eat it at mid morning. SECRET: Eating in the
morning is simple to do. How? GET UP 1/2 HOUR EARLIER. Turn
off the T.V. 1/2 hour earlier the night before and GO TO

Eating on the run is not hard to do once you create good
eating habits. How do you do that?

Larry L. Taylor is a Nutrition and Healthy Living advocate
who has authored many articles on Health, Nutrition,
Fitness, etc.


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