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Disposable BBQ for a Perfect Picnic

Barbeques make wonderful informal ways of cooking. But if you are visiting a friend who does not have a BBQ or you want to take a BBQ to the beach or for a picnic, then a disposable BBQ is an easy way to eat outdoors in a quick, cheap and fun way.

If you want a disposable BBQ for the perfect picnic there are a couple of points to think about. Firstly how many disposable BBQs will you need and as there are several different styles of disposable BBQs, which one to choose.

Firstly how many disposable BBQs will you need? This obviously depends on how many you will be cooking for and what type of foods you will be cooking. It is best to keep the foods simple on disposable BBQs due to the limited space.

Having a separate BBQ for different types of meat is also a good idea to stop the flavors mixing. Also chicken can contain certain types of bacteria and should be cooked separately and thoroughly, often longer than other meats. So having a separate BBQ will ensure you can cook the chicken independently.

Of course if it's a BBQ for just two of you, you could probably get away with just the one disposable BBQ and cook the favorite burgers and sausages quite happily. If however you are planning a BBQ for several people decide on the food you are going to cook, the number of people and then it's a good idea to add a spare disposable BBQ in case one doesn't light or you cook more than you thought.

Most supermarkets or hardware stores sell disposable BBQs at a very reasonable price. One such BBQ is Yeomans disposable Mini BBQ Grill. This disposable BBQ is ready to cook in 15 minutes, is easy to use and of course there is no cleaning up after as you simply throw it away. All you need is a match and you are ready to go.

Most supermarkets sell their own brands of disposable BBQs, some sell stands to place them in as well. This can be useful if you want to ensure it does not topple over or want to put it on a picnic table and worry about the heat on the surface of the table. They are light- weight and reusable and make the disposable BBQ safer to use.

If you are choosing a disposable BBQ for the perfect picnic it is worth remembering that these types of BBQs while extremely convenient, do have their limitations. They are not meant to be used to cook large, thick pieces of meat as they will not burn long enough. They are however perfect for burgers, sausages, shell fish, vegetables and even small salmon steaks.

A disposable BBQ for a perfect picnic is ideal but as it is disposable and portable some precautions should be taken with it such as the placement of your BBQ. Always make sure it is on a stable surface and not likely to cause a fire.

Disposing of your BBQ should be done carefully. Make sure the BBQ is out and cold before you dispose of it in a safe place such as a steel bin. Sprinkling with water before disposal will ensure it is safe enough to throw away. Never let children use the BBQ and make sure they are supervised at all times around the BBQ. They might be small, but a disposable BBQ can cause as much harm as a full sized one.

Certainly there are many advantages to a disposable BBQ, one being that there is no nasty cleaning up to be done. But mainly it is the convenience of being able to have a BBQ for a picnic wherever you choose. Barbecue -BBQ eBooks

Disposable BBQ for a Perfect Picnic

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