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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

 Warning signs for high blood pressure symptoms are listed in this article. You  may be suffering from high blood pressure yourself and not know it. Find out now – not later! 


Blood is pumped around your body via your heart; it is a unique system which keeps you going from the day you are born until the day you die and is an essential part of keeping you alive. Sometimes however and usually as you get older the pumping mechanism doesn't quite work right and you find yourself suffering with high blood pressure. 

·          Untreated High Blood Pressure Can Be Dangerous 

High blood pressure if left untreated eventually puts the heart under strain because it is making it work much harder than it should. The heart can only put up with this for so long before it starts to fail and cause damage to other organs in the body. 

·          Do You Have High Blood Pressure?  Are You Really Sure? 


It's estimated there could be up to three in ten adults in the western world who suffer from high blood pressure, often without them realizing they are suffering from what is known as the "silent killer" as they frequently don't exhibit any symptoms. It's why it's always a good idea to have a regular medical check-up if you're over 40. 


·          Consider Your Age Your H.P. 

Men over the age of 55 and women over the age of 65 or those women who are menopausal are more likely to experience symptoms of high blood pressure, however as people in modern day society tend to lead more and more hectic lifestyles, the more chances there are of younger people developing the symptoms of high blood pressure through stress and poor nutrition due to a hectic lifestyle. 


·          You may be suffering from high blood pressure yourself and not know it, for instance do you suffer from 


* Dizzy spells 

* Headaches (A classic symptom) 

* Shortness of breath 

* Blurred vision 


You may have the occasional headache or the odd dizzy spell, but how many times have you put it down to stress from your busy day or drinking too much caffeine? 


There are many people who are more prone to high blood pressure than others, if you are middle aged and overweight for instance then you are probably in a high risk category for high blood pressure and should ensure you are monitored carefully by your health care provider. 


If you don't show any symptoms of high blood pressure such as headaches, dizziness, visionary problems or shortness of breath then you are known as being asymptomatic. This is particularly dangerous as high blood pressure left untreated for a long period of time can cause further major health problems such as stroke and heart disease, kidney damage and damaged eye sight. 


·          Warning signs for high blood pressure symptoms include 


* Chest pains if you experience sudden chest pain you should seek medical help immediately as any delay in treatment may have a disastrous effect on your long term health or even your life. 

* A severe headache that you can't shift no matter how many painkillers you have taken should always be investigated. 

* Sudden fatigue 

* Numbness and sudden confusion in an otherwise rational person should be examined straight away. 

* Extreme sweating 

* Nausea or a stomach upset 

* If you suffer from high cholesterol it can lead on to high blood pressure (or vice versa) 

* A sudden nosebleed is an early warning sign that your blood pressure may have risen very high and need immediate attention. 

* If you smoke you are in the high risk factor for raised blood pressure 

* If you have type two diabetes your blood pressure is also likely to be raised. 

 Every adult should acquaint themselves with the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure as it can strike at just about anyone no matter what their age. Even though it is more common in those people who are overweight and over 40, it can also strike at anyone including young adults; it can also be a problem for children if they have other medical problems or if they are medically unfit or obese.