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 "An EXCELLENT source of practical, useful and well thought out remedies."

 The Book 

"Take a look at just a few of the things covered inside... 

*Step-by-step natural Home Remedies and recipes for treating and maintaining oral health 

*Save money making your own Low-Cost mouthwash, so natural that is safe for children. 

*Instantly reduce inflammation and pain by making a natural rinse that taste great. 

*Prevent Tooth Decay by using a number of herbs that kill bacteria that thrives in the mouth. 

*Learn how to treat oral Thrush by making a Fresh Killer home remedy mixture that fights the infection."

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The Benefits

 "Eliminate the Flu virus,
boost the immune system, 
  and recover faster
from colds using these home remedies"

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"Look younger, and treat any skin
 with your own skin care home
remedies and recipes"




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"Make your own natural hair care products and 
save a bundle in hair treatments."

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