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The Pros and Cons - of Gas, Electric and Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal fired barbecue grills were the original type of BBQ that people still associate with barbecuing.

 However BBQs that are  heated by either gas or electricity have grown in popularity. These barbecue grills are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes from compact countertop type BBQ grills to bigger free standing grills that can cook enough for an army and prices vary enormously depending on make and size.

The pros and cons of gas, electric and charcoal barbecues depends on the type of BBQ that is suitable for you. If you only have a small area to place your BBQ then which one you choose will be down to what is available in that size.

Probably the most obvious benefits of using a gas or electric grill is you don't have to light any fires or clean up any ash after wards. Also, there is less time to wait for pre-heating the grill or griddle than a charcoal grill.

Gas grills are very simple to use and are very convenient because they can be ready at a moments notice. Many gas bbqs take as little as 15 minutes to heat up. Volcanic rock is usually spread out below the grill, resembling charcoal, and is heated by gas burners to give the food an authentic barbecue flavor.When meat juices drip on the hot lava rock briquettes, the meat is flavored by the smoke that rises and penetrates the food.

Some larger gas grills offer rotisserie cooking which adds another dimension to a bbq. Most gas grills have cooking surfaces that are normally half open grill for direct open flame cooking and the other half a griddle.

Electric bbqs have the same advantages as the gas bbqs but with two added advantages. Many of them can be used indoors if the weather is not suitable for an outdoor bbq. They are also not reliant on the refilling of gas bottles that can be heavy and sometimes awkward to attach and store beside the grill. Electric barbecue grills are a lot more convenient than gas grills, they are also trouble-free to work with and maintain.

Electric barbecues are also much safer to use and there is less chance of creating a fire hazard because there is no naked flame. Outdoor electric bbqs typically roll on wheels like a trolley, other units are installed on a permanent pedestal and need to be fixed to a permanent power source.

Many people feel that the food does taste better when grilled on a charcoal bbq, but one of the disadvantages is that it can be difficult to get the charcoal started. But for  those who prefer to use charcoal they have the option of enhancing the flavor of the food by using hickory chips or mesquite chips when they grill to give a really great bbq flavor and smell.

Charcoal bbqs come in many different sizes and one of the advantages of a charcoal bbq is that it is very portable. This makes it easier to store or move. They are often cheaper than gas or electric bbqs. Small disposable bbqs can be bought or bucket or table top sized bbqs that can be taken on a picnic or to the beach.

So when it comes to the pros and cons of gas, electric or charcoal barbecues it really does depend on your budget, space and personal preference to the way you want your barbecue food cooked. Which ever type you choose having a barbecue with family and friends always makes for a relaxed and enjoyable meal. Barbecue -BBQ eBooks